Cycle through the
beautiful Pyrenees

The Ride Pyrenees - 12 to 17 September 2021

Cycle through the
magical Pyrenees

Fully supported, incl. meals, luggage transfer and overnight stays

Upgrades can be booked

Experience the cyclist’s ultimate dream trip and enjoy the unique atmosphere

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Live your ultimate cycling dream trip where you concentrate on riding – and we’ll take care of the rest

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Make your cycling season complete with an epic trip in 2021! Write your own cycling history riding our 6-day, fully supported cycling tour through the Pyrenees. Ensure your participation and register now!
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The Ride Pyrenees

The Ride Pyrenees is a 6-day, fully-supported cycling event set in the beautiful south of France.  We’re proud to offer all the best elements of a pro tour-sized event, combined with the enjoyment of just having fun riding with other cycling enthusiasts. 
Though The Ride Pyrenees is a Dutch cycling event, we are more than happy to welcome and accommodate riders from around the world.  We’ve set up this webpage to give non-Dutch-speaking riders a basic overview of the event (there’s more detail – in Dutch – elsewhere on the site).  

If you have questions, feel free to contact our international rider liaison/ambassador, Richard Sambolec at and he’ll be happy to help you however he can.

What you get from us

The Ride Pyrenees makes your ultimate cycling dream come true. You focus on riding, and we’ll take care of the rest; from beautiful stages to mechanical support along the way, nutritious meals and massages, right down to moving your luggage. Here’s how it works.


Over the course of six days, you’ll ride through the beautiful Pyrenees featuring climbs made famous by the Tour de France and Vuelta a España Check out the route here.


Physios and masseurs for treatment and prevention of injuries to keep you in top form


Six nights at premium campsite with all facilities. Start and finish village with communal dining tent, buffet meals, stage for entertainment, evening briefings and daily rankings.


Specialized Service Team mechanics ensure your bike stays in optimum condition and are available to make repairs where necessary


Breakfast daily, 2 feed stations with sports food and drink each stage, and nightly dinners. Our Pro Tour chef, Janneke Pieterson of, cooks fresh vegetables, meat or fish every evening.


Ambulance, traffic wardens, motorcycle escorts and GPS experts keep you safe for all 6 days

Accommodation Upgrades

Whatever your preference, we have accommodation upgrades to. You can choose the type of accommodation you want – or if you bring your own Supporter – you can arrange your own. More details about these options below:
bikepacking op fiets van Koppel bij Radio Kootwijk

The Bikepacking Upgrade

Do you want to cycle The Ride Pyrenees but have your own tent to sleep in? You can do that with the Bikepacking option. You supply your own tent in combination your luggage (all in a single bag to a max. 23 kg’s) and we’’ll transport your baggage from camping site to camping site. You set up your own tent (and break it down) at The Ride Pyrenees campsite where you’re free to make use of all facilities in The Ride village, including meals, etc. The cost for this option is €65, including all camping and tourist fees.

wielrenner op de camping

The Camping Upgrade

If you want to cycle The Ride Pyrenees, but don't feel like bringing and setting up your own tent, then choose the Camping Package and we’ll take care of that for you so you can focus on pedaling. With this upgrade we’ll provide 1-person tent – including a mattress – for your use during The Ride Pyrenees and will set it up for you. The cost for this option is €175.

bikepacking op fiets van Koppel bij Radio Kootwijk

The Camping + Upgrade

You can also choose the Camping+ package. It's a spacious tent for one person (it is bigger and higher than the camping package). And there is a bed and mattress inside. You don't have to set-up your own tent, you can focus on riding. The cost for this option is €280.

wielrenner bij een glamping-tent

The Glamping Upgrade (sold out)

If you want to cycle The Ride Pyrenees in ultimate camping comfort, then Glamping is for you! We’ll supply a spacious tent with a 2.5 meter high ceiling. The tent is fully-equipped (electricity, lighting, heater & clothing rack, bike stand, folding chair…) and you’ll sleep on a cot with a comfortable mattress. The service includes putting up and taking down the tent. The cost for this option is €425 per person based on two riders sharing.

afbeelding van een hotelkamer

The Hotel Upgrade (sold out)

The hotel upgrade provides the ultimate in comfort - you’ll sleep in a hotel close to the Start/Finish village and will be well-rested and ready to tackle those climbs each day! Breakfast and dinner are in the communal dining tent in the Start/Finish village. The most luxurious way to experience The Ride Pyrenees! The cost is €700 per person based on double-occupancy, with a single supplement available for an additional €300.

Supporting at The Ride Pyrenees is a great option

The Supporter Upgrade

This is a good option if you already have your own vehicle and tent or a camper, and someone who is willing to drive it from stage to stage for you, put up (and take down) your and their tent, transport your gear and provide you with enthusiastic support along the way. The Supporter is taken care of by us just as well as the cyclists; the same meals are included, as are all other facilities at the campsites. The cost for this option is €550 per Supporter. There’s no additional cost to the cyclists they support. If you have an RV/Camper, there’s an additional €180 campsite hook-up fee.

Prices for The Ride Pyrenees

Whatever your preference, we have an accommodation option to suit you.

The Ride Pyrenees Entry Fee

Regular price € 1,299

Accommodation Upgrades

Supporter € 550
Additional hook-up fee for RV/Camper € 180
Bikepacking € 65
Camping € 175
Camping + € 280
Glamping (sold out)€ 425
(based on two people sharing)
Hotel (sold out) € 700
(based on double-occupancy, single supplement available for € 300 additional)

The rider entry fee may be paid by credit card or bank transfer.  If you wish to pay by international bank transfer, please contact us for our banking details at 

Your accommodation upgrade may be made after you’ve registered for the event. The upgrade will only be charged after we notify you.  All accommodation options are for 7 nights, from September 11-17, 2021, inclusive.

Prices include all facilities as mentioned in this overview, VAT and tourist tax. An invoice is available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your questions here. 
Still can't find what you’re looking for? 
In that case, send an e-mail to and we’ll be happy to help you!


What’s the registration deadline for The Ride Pyrenees?
You can register for The Ride Pyrenees as a 'Rider' or as a non-riding 'Supporter' until July 15, 2021. Please note: we have a total of 175 places so once we’re full, that’s it!  This means it’s possible registration will close sooner so be sure to reserve your place and register early!
What does it cost to participate?
The registration fee for The Ride Pyrenees is € 1,299. If you would like to pay with an international bank transfer please send us an email at and mention The Ride Pyrenees international money transfer. We will get in touch with you with payment details. 

For those with a Dutch bank account, the entry fee may be paid in three installments or with “iDeal”. If you prefer to pay by installment, you can indicate this on the registration form. Once registered you will receive an overview of the dates on which we will collect the installments, with the first installment debited from your account within two weeks of registration. 

Accommodation options are available separately as Upgrades. Your participation has two parts: one: registration fee and two: upgrades (how and where you spend the nights).
How do I register a team?
Are you the first member of your team to sign up? As a team captain, you first register individually and then create a team during the registration process with you as the team captain. Teammates can then register afterwards and join the existing team. Are you alone, but think you might have teammates who will register and join you to form a team later? No, problem - you can always request that we set up a team for you afterwards. Send an email to us at if this is the case and we’ll take care of it.
Can I cancel my registration?
Unfortunately, if you decide not to participate in The Ride Pyrenees after you’ve already paid, a refund of the registration fee isn’t possible. If you live in The Netherlands, however, it is possible to take out cancellation insurance, which includes sports injury coverage, through our insurance agent. If you live abroad, check with your travel insurance provider about cancellation insurance options.
What does the cancellation insurance cover?
If you are a Dutch resident, cancellation insurance is available via a third-party insurance company separate from your registration fee.

This cancellation insurance allows you to reclaim your registration fee for The Ride Pyrenees. The policy pays out in the following situations.
  • When you cancel due to a sports injury (doctor's note required)
  • In the event of a serious illness, accident or death, either in the case of yourself or your partner or a direct family member or partner (1st or 2nd degree relationship)
  • For urgent care needs of immediate family members (1st degree)
  • In the event of pregnancy
  • In the event of divorce
The cancellation insurance is offered by insurance broker Veltmeijer Assurantiën. Maurice Veltmeijer is responsible for handling cancellations and is also available for questions in advance.  For more information contact him at:
I have’t received confirmation of my registration. What now?
All participants are sent a confirmation e-mail so make sure you enter the correct e-mail address when registering. Also check your spam box and / or spam filters in case it has ended up there. If you have still not received a confirmation, please send an e-mail to .
I am unable to register via the website, can I register in a different way?
Yes, that's possible. You can call us (+31 88 366 5410) and we will take care of your registration. You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central European Time (Amsterdam). Or send an email to to the attention of Carlo van Nistelrooy. 


What do I do as a Supporter?
As a Supporter, you’ll enjoy providing a coaching and care role for your team during the event. That means you’ll provide moral support for your team members by encouraging them and cheering them on through difficult moments.  Your team members need you so they can concentrate entirely on cycling - a top team performance is only possible with a super star behind the scenes! 

The participant(s) you support don’t need to book an accommodation upgrade with us (e.g. a camping package) because you’ll be responsible for supplying their accommodation (whether a tent or camper on the camp sites we’ve reserved or your own hotel) and ensuring their luggage is carried from A to B in your own vehicle.

Your duties as a Supporter include:
  • Provide moral support for your team members
  • Transporting of materials and possibly a camper (if you plan to bring one)
  • Building, breaking down and cleaning up your riders' tents 
Why can’t I register as a Supporter yet?
You can only register as a Supporter once at least one rider has registered for The Ride Pyrenees and the team name has been entered. You can then click on 'Register Now' via the homepage → 'Supporter'. As a Supporter, you then choose the team to which your rider is attached.

The Ride Pyrenees Organization

Who is International Cycling Events?
The International Cycling Events Foundation organizes innovative cycling events in the Netherlands and abroad. The International Cycling Events Foundation (ICE) aims to: Promote a healthy and active society by offering sporting events to people of all ages and levels, particularly in the field of cycling. International Cycling Events’ website can be found here .


I purchased the Camping Package Upgrade, what does this include?
With the Camping Package you will have the optimal The Ride Pyrenees experience, and you’ll be able to fully focus on cycling!

What does the Camping package entail?
  • You get your own tent and mattress for the duration of the event
  • Your tent will be set up and taken down for you
  • Your luggage will be transported to and from each camping site
  • You’ll be able to leave a day bag including your lunch package and extra clothing which we will deliver to Feed Station 2 for you
The Camping Package costs € 220 in addition to the registration fee. Do you perhaps not know at the time of registration whether you’ll want to use the Camping Package, use our Hotel Package or maybe bring along your own Supporter and do it all yourself instead? No problem, you can always add the Camping Package after registering and it will be billed separately.

What kind of mattresses are there?
Each day we move camp our Volunteers will set up tents with enough space inside for your luggage – and inside you’ll find a 6 cm thick mattress. 

The only thing you need to bring with you are a pillow and a warm sleeping bag which can handle temperatures below 6 degrees (it may still be cold in the mountains!).
I purchased the Glamping Service Upgrade, what does this include?
With the Glamping Service you have the complete The Ride Pyrenees experience! You’ll be able to fully focus on cycling – and at the end of the day, you’ll have a luxury tent ready and waiting for you, fully-equipped with all manner of conveniences. You will share the Glamping tent, so you’ll have a roommate.

What does the Glamping Service entail?
  • You’ll spend the night in a 2.5 meter high tent, on a cot with a mattress
  • The tent includes electricity, lighting, heating, a drying rack for your wet cycling clothes, comfortable seats, and a stand for parking your bike
  • Your luggage will be transported to and from each camping site
  • You can leave a day bag with your lunch package and extra clothing which we will deliver to Feed Station 2 for you
The only thing you need to bring with you are a pillow and a warm sleeping bag which can handle temperatures below 6 degrees (it may still be cold in the mountains!).
The Glamping Service costs € 385 for the entire week. This amount is based on 2 people sharing a tent and is in addition to the registration fee.  Of course, if you wish to have the entire tent to yourself, that’s possible – you simply pay for two persons (if you want this option, please send the organizers an email at requesting it).

Will I have access to a power connection at the campsite?
Yes, all camp sites will have power connections and a charging station. We will bring extra power points so that there is sufficient power for everyone.  Note that while these areas are located within the camp site, they are usually a short distance away from our tents (there is, however, power supplied in the tents if you’ve chosen the Glamping option). 
Will there be WIFI at the campsites?
All campsites where we will stay have WiFi. At some campsites access will be via a pay-wall. Where this is the case, you’ll be able to pay online or else the campsite reception will be able to take care of your payment.
Can I wash my cycling clothes during The Ride Pyrenees?
While there is no formal laundry service available, you’ll be able to hand wash your own clothes at all campsites.
Is there a place to dry cycling clothing?
We have organized spacious campsites with good facilities for The Ride Pyrenees and you’ll be able to dry your clothes outside. Sheltered spaces or a drying room will be available in the event of rain.
Can I park my bike at the campsite?
Most participants park their bicycle outside their tent. It’s important that you bring a good lock to secure your bicycle. If you prefer to park your bike in an enclosed space, we’ll also offer this option at all campsites. The event manager will be the point of contact for this, and will point you to the location.
Where can I keep my valuables while cycling?
We recommend that you not bring any valuables such as laptops and tablets with you. Leave these at home. Your phone and money / wallet will be handy to take with you on the bicycle. If a Supporter will be joining you, this person can take care of any other valuable items.
I purchased the Hotel Package, what does this include?
This includes your overnight stay in a nearby hotel after each stage, as well as the night before the event.  You’ll still have breakfast and dinner with the rest of the riders at the Start/Finish village.  Of course, you can still do your own thing, but you’ll miss out on the fun!  We’ll take care of booking the hotels and transporting your luggage whenever there’s a move. The Hotel Package is The Ride Pyrenees’ luxury option!
What does a typical day’s program look like?
A typical day for The Ride Pyrenees will look like this:

6:30 AM - 7:30 AM
Breakfast buffet
8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Start stage
10:00 - 14:00
Feed station 1
12:00 - 16:00
Feed station 2
3 p.m.
Bar open in Finish village
19:00 - 20:00
8 p.m.
Stage briefing and classification
10 p.m.
Bar closure
10:30 pm
Silence in the village


What do my duties as a Volunteer consist of?
As a Volunteer you’ll be assigned to a working group responsible for specific tasks during the course of the event. For example, you may be part of the construction team, staffing a feed station, taking care of registration or preparing meals for all riders. If you happen to be a bike mechanic or masseur by profession, you can help to repair bicycles or give massages! After you’ve registered as a Volunteer we will contact you by telephone and you can indicate the type of work you prefer, but please note that choices will be on a first-come-first-served basis.
Do I get paid to help as a Volunteer at The Ride Pyrenees?
Volunteers will be reimbursed for travel expenses if they travel with a full car (€ 0.19 per km per carpool car). In addition, you will get three free meals a day and we will arrange the overnight camping stays for you (in your own tent). And of course, in return, you will receive an unforgettable week that cannot be expressed with mere money! :-)
How late can I register as a Volunteer?
Do you prefer a certain task group? Then it is a good idea to register early as certain task groups fill up quickly. The sooner you register, the better your choices! Do you have specific questions? E-mail us at:


What does the route cover?
The route consists of six stages through the Pyrenees. You will ride nearly 750 kilometers and climb more than 17,000 meters across the many passes, mountains and hills of the beautiful Pyrenees! Click on this link to see an overview the stages.
Can the route change?
The route may still change depending on permits, changing traffic situations, etc. The event organizers always drive the route several times in advance to ensure everything is in order. Two weeks before the start of The Ride Pyrenees you will receive the GPS files from us. We deliver these as GPX files for download compatible with every make of bike computer.
What exactly does the Challenge entail?
Although The Ride Pyrenees is not a race, every stage of The Ride Pyrenees has a KOM Challenge with time-keeping via powered by Strava for fun and rider ranking.  We have an individual classification, a duo classification and a team classification. On a predetermined route, your time will be recorded via your uploaded Strava ride. Please bear in mind that you will be driving on public roads, so it is not a competition; you must adhere to traffic rules and not take any undue risks, with participation in the Challenge at your own risk. Of course, participation in the Challenges is optional, not mandatory. View the Challenges here. To participate in the Challenges you must be a member of the special members-only The Ride Pyrenees Strava club, so be sure you join the club ahead of time!
Can I upload my ride to Strava during The Ride Pyrenees?
Yes, of course! After the finish of each stage you can upload your ride to Strava. If you’re a member of our special Strava club, your Challenge time will also automatically be included in our ranking. You can upload your ride via your mobile phone. During the stage tour we will set up a separate upload station at every finish campsite for those who cannot do the upload on their own. The upload station will have its own internet connection and you will be able to do the upload either using our laptop or your own mobile phone.


What can I expect from breakfast, lunch and dinner during The Ride Pyrenees?
Breakfast consists of muesli, yogurt, bread and various types of spreads, as well as milk, juice and, of course, coffee and tea.
At breakfast you will also have the opportunity to prepare your own packed lunch to give to your non-riding supporter if they are driving, otherwise, we will deliver it to Feed Station 2 for you. Bags are provided for the packed lunch. 

We have two feed stations on every stage, with a range of foods, including fruit, muesli bars, rolls, with pancakes and soup at feed station two. In your welcome bag you will also get two gels and two energy bars per day for you to use during the event.
At the finish of each stage you'll also receive a recovery shake or bar and there will also be soup and food available.

Dinner is prepared by our chef, Janneke Pieterson, of Sportkeuken. Janneke worked during the Tour de France and the Vuelta as a freelance chef for Team Giant-Alpecin for four seasons from 2012-2015 and more recently for Dutch Jumbo-Visma. Every evening, together with the kitchen team, Janneke will provide a delicious, varied and nutritious meal. Do you have special dietary needs (eg. vegetarian)? This is inventoried for all participants ahead of the event and is taken into account. The menus will be announced well in advance of the event in the Participants E-book (in addition to lots of other extra information).
What can I expect at the feed stations?
We’ll have two well-equipped feed stations per stage.  Here you’ll find drinking water, sports drinks, energy bars, fruit, pancakes and currant buns, with bouillon soup available at at least one of the feed stations.

You’ll also receive a welcome package on the Saturday ahead of the event.  This will contain a supply of sports bars (2 per stage) and gels (2 per stage) that will supplement what will be available at the feed stations, so you’ll have more than enough to get you through each stage. If you want to use more, of course, you may bring your own.  We’ll also have extra supplies of bars and gels available for purchase at the bar at each finish camp. You will also be able to fill your own water bottle(s) and mix it with sports drink powder that we’ll supply at the starting area immediately before day’s each stage.
I am vegetarian or have an allergy, what now?
A few weeks before The Ride Pyrenees we’ll send you a form where you can indicate whether you have any special dietary requirements or allergies. We’ll do our best to take this into account whenever possible.


How do I get to France?
You are responsible for your own transport to the start village at Saint-Lary-Soulan in France. Don't have a car / driver's license at your disposal? It will be possible to ask other participants if they want to travel together via the event’s private Facebook group. If you have further questions about this, send us an e-mail (
How much baggage may I bring?
You may take one piece of luggage (bag / suitcase / duffel) per person weighing a maximum of 23 kg. We will also take care of transporting your bike box or bike travel bag if you have one.

If you have a Supporter, then, you’re only limited by how much they are willing to carry!


Which requirements must my bicycle meet?
To participate in The Ride Pyrenees you obviously need a racing bike that is in "good working condition". The bicycle that you use must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Lighting (front and rear) is mandatory in stages with tunnels and galleries
  • Only road (racing) bikes are allowed during the Event
  • The use of e-bike (race bikes) is allowed (ask for this option by email) 
The Organization reserves the right to prohibit certain bicycles or bicycle parts:
    • Ox head, spaghetti, cross, triathlon or aero handlebars
    • Recumbent bikes
    • Unicycles
    • Hand bikes
    • E-bikes (non-race bike editions)
    • Multi-track vehicles
    • Pedal and fixed gear bicycles
    • Tandem bikes
    • Luggage carriers with or without bicycle bag(s)
    • Bicycle trailers
    • Bottle cages behind or under saddles
    • Water bottles made of non-flexible materials such as glass, aluminum, etc.
When is the best time to start training?
Once you have registered, you will receive a training schedule from us. Make sure you allow for enough training time, because The Ride Pyrenees is a serious challenge!
What should I take with me during The Ride Pyrenees?
You will receive an extensive packing list a few weeks ahead of the event.  In addition, we will organize various rider meetings in which we discuss this in more detail beforehand.

Special Information for our International Riders

Is this event only for Dutch people?
No, we've had riders from Canada, the U.S.A., Switzerland, Spain, Japan and elsewhere on our previous events. Our rides are all about enjoying cycling, wherever you’re from!
Do I need to speak/understand Dutch or French?
The Ride Pyrenees is a Dutch event so all standard communication (emails) and each evening's post-ride entertainment and briefing will be conducted in Dutch but we'll have a native English-speaker (from Canada), Richard Sambolec, who will be a dedicated liaison person for our international riders.  Richard has participated in our events before and knows how we operate so he’ll be able keep you informed of the critical issues, answer any questions you may have (or get the answers for you!) and ensure you feel included and supported!
Do I need bring my passport on the ride?
If you’re from outside the European Union, it’s definitely a good idea to tuck your passport in your back pocket.
Do I need a visa for France and Spain
Riders will have to check visa requirements based on their individual citizenship.  Keep in mind that we’ll also be briefly crossing from France into Spain on two of the stages.
Do I need medical or travel insurance?
If you live outside of The Netherlands, please consult your own insurance agent.
What about storage of bike travel bag/box during the ride?
Don’t worry, we’ll make sure your bike travel box/bag is transported with your luggage as we move camp during the event. 
Can I rent a road bike for the event rather than bring my own?
Please send an email to the attention of Carlo van Nistelrooy (at for more information. There will be a limited option to rent bikes provided by our partner Specialized. 
Can I bring a non-riding partner with me?
It’s not really part of this rider-focused event, but we are flexible so send us an e-mail at and we’ll see what we can do. 
Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Contact us at or contact our international rider liaison/ambassador Richard Sambolec directly at and he’ll be happy to help you.

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